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Customers Frequently Asked Questions


Can I choose my therapist’s gender?

Yes you can! Depending on therapists availability… We suggest you to ask in advance.

Can I choose massage’s pressure?

Yes! Before your massage, our therapist will ask you which general pressure do you prefer (Smooth/Medium/Hard) and which areas do you want to avoid or to focus on.

Can I come directly to the Spa without pre-booking online to get a treatment ?

Yes of course! However, note that our Spas are most of the time fully booked. We suggest you to fulfil our pre-booking form on our website or contact as soon as possible or our hotline +855 92 671 937

Are your treatments good for pregnant women or sensitive skins ?

We mention in our spa menu, treatments who could not be recommended for these kind of people. We do not accept treatments on pregnant women after 3 or 4 months pregnancy. Also, pregnant guests who have high blood pressure or heart conditions are advised to consult their doctor first before experiencing a Bodia Spa treatment. For pregnancy women, we have a special treatment it called ” PRE & POST PREGNANTCY MASSAGE “. Women who pregnant after 4 months can receive this treatment. 

For sensitive skins, we use only natural products in our treatments but we suggest people to be careful depending on their degree of sensibility, on their allergy, or on any of their skin disease.

Can I customize my package?

Yes sometimes you can choose between two massages, etc. Please ask our team directly.

Any recommendation after my treatment?

Please avoid swimming after waxing or scrub. We also recommend you to take care of your body and mind by using our Bodia Cambodian Apothecary natural products (see on

Why do I find different prices at Baitong Hotel & Novotel?

These locations offer you a complementary experience as our Spa is located in their hotels. The price is mentioned in our Menu when you arrive at the front-desk.


I did not receive my gift voucher. Why?

Your confirmation email is your gift voucher!!! Should you still have nothing in your inbox, it can be due to a mistake on your email address, to a technical issue from our side or it can mean your payment has not been validated yet. Please contact for any doubt.


Do you have a membership program? What does it include?

Yes! Pay $10 once and enjoy 30% off all individual treatments (excluding beauty treatments & packages) + 15% off all our natural products (not valid with other promotions). You will also have access to unique events, special offers, discounts and many more surprises along the year…

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