• Established since 2006 Bodia has started its activities by opening sheltering cocooning Spas (www.bodia-spa.com) in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh proposing an authentic vision of relaxation in a modernly designed Cambodian Spa. In order to guaranty the quality of its treatment Bodia has created its own line of natural products made in Cambodia that promotes the local know-hows and uses local resources under the brand Bodia Cambodian Apothecary (www.bodia.com). Nowadays, Bodia is selling its products all around Cambodia through a network of boutiques, Spa and distributors. It gained the recognition of customers due to the attention paid to the origins of ingredients and the quality of the final products. The production unit is located 10km outside of Phnom Penh in Prek Kampeus district and operate a workshop of 550sqm in the middle of a natural environment employing about 40 people spread between production and stock management. Duration: Initial contract length is 1 years Main contacts: The Factory manager will depend of : 

    – Bodia General Manager – Bodia shareholders board. 

    Scope of work & Mission: In 2020 Bodia Cambodian Apothecary will meet the challenge to bounce back from the COVID19 crisis that slowed the production and development previously engaged. Open as a replacement of a returning foreigner the position of factory manager main challenge will be to organize production with our teams to be ready for the market demand restart, then constantly adjust production equipment and stock. 

    ▪ The Factory Manager is the key person to ensure a smooth cooperation between different teams involved in the production of Bodia products. She/he coordinates all teams; Raw Material stocks, production achievements and quality control before products get ready to be sent to customers. 

    ▪ She/ he is in charge of the factory administrative smooth operation. Equipment, staff, security shall fall under her / his supervision. 

    ▪ Under her/his supervision, the production shall run smoothly and no shortage shall occur in any phase of the production process 

    Functions & responsibilities: 


    ▪ Establish targets with sales team and deploy objectives to Production and Purchases manager in order to meet targets with an optimal SOH 

    ▪ Improve and optimize physical and data flows inside and outside factory in order to ease work for employees and reach an accurate real time control over Factory’s assets 

    ▪ Control availability of raw materials stock in order to support the targeted production. 

    ▪ Supervise the COGS in order to have constant reduction policy through raw material cost, storage, equipment, process improvement, staff training etc… 

    ▪ Observe the finished products stock in case unexpected order arrives and coordinate with production and management to trigger an outstanding production request out from production planning. 

    ▪ Control and monitor that stock team properly organize and store the products (raw material & Finished goods). 

    ▪ Handle production line to reach the industrial level. (source machine supplier, imagine new line) 

    ▪ Establish maintenance organization, control maintenance worker and external workshop. 

    ▪ Able to design, build and repair machine/technical system in cooperation with local workshop. 


    ▪ Supervise & train the Quality assistant. 

    ▪ Double check final documentation and analysis report made by Quality assistant. 

    ▪ Monitor production team and quality assistant to ensure that each batch has the proper documentation record (tracking number, RM tracking, Production Sheets, Instruction Documents). 

    ▪ Follow up closely with Quality assistant that safety and security processes for staff are implemented. 

    ▪ Follow up & implement correction for quality issues improvement (research of solution, training of staff, cost management…) 

    Admin & HR: 

    ▪ Recruit necessary production team members in order to ensure a smooth production at all times based on seasonal demand. 

    ▪ Maintain updated the working roster and the working time records of his/ her team, prepare salaries of factory team. 

    ▪ Check daily expenses of factory to optimize the productivity and operation costs: 

    o Staff : Daily / monthly worker, OT… 

    o Expenses: Consumable + Electricity monitoring, maintenance etc… 

    R&D: ▪ Dimension and implement appropriate machinery system to adjust production apparel to 

    production development needs. 

    ▪ Control production formula are properly recorded and applied in production documents. 

    ▪ Follow up with R&D project already started and lead them to production. 

    ▪ Support in sourcing of new materials and packagings for new products 

    What BODIA Will Offer You 

    • Meaningful work as of Day 1; 
    • A large autonomy with a trustful and supportive management team; 
    • Get your own project(s) as of the beginning, with your own budget and KPIs; 
    • An opportunity to put your technical and personal skills to work on challenging problems; 
    • Work with people of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds; 
    • A real lifetime experience in one of the most booming under development yet authentic country in southeast Asia. 

    Candidate profile: 

    The qualified candidate will have the following experience; 

    ▪ Engineering education and experience (Industrial Processes or Mechanics engineering) 

    ▪ Perfect English speaking / writing / reading 

    ▪ Excellent knowledge on Pack office, Quickbook 

    ▪ Very organized 

    Code of Conduct: 

    ▪ Keep a good presentation and express his/her behavior and appearance seriousness 

    ▪ Be industrial and helpful 

    ▪ Be polite and friendly 

    ▪ Honesty and loyalty 

    ▪ Oversee the good working environment 

    ▪ Work independently and confidentially 


    Please send CV and references to antoine.bancel@bodia.com

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